About Us

ECOfficient Solutions is a green company founded to help consumers reduce their utility expenses, improve their home comfort and create a greener planet.

What drives us?

ECOfficient Solutions is driven by Energy Conservation, Saving Money and Simplifying Life.  We provide economic energy conservation strategies that allow you to reduce your monthly bills.  We make recommendations that will improve the function of your home. Together we can create a better planet one improvement at a time.


ECOfficient Solutions was founded by asking ourselves a simple question, “How can we help save the environment and money simultaneously?  Our staff is comprised of experienced professionals who are dedicated to just that, 'Greening Our Planet' and saving you money! It seems new products programs and incentives are available almost every day, and our staff knows how to help you leverage each and every one.    

Experience and education provide the background of our Energy Auditors.  True energy Conservation stems from maximizing efficiency and minimizing energy loss. Our customers are often shocked to find how many little things effect the efficient operation of their home.  With a few adjustments, many customers can see immediate savings, and with a good action plan, the savings keep growing. 


Our Home Energy Audits are comprehensive and include rigorous technical analysis.  You can expect a full evaluation and report containing information that is easily read and understood. Each residence requires a unique solution, and likewise, the recommended measures are listed with several factors in mind.   Priority is assigned to each measure prescribed during the Audit and can be categorized based on cost, efficiency, immediate savings, 1 and 10 year return on investment, etc.  The homeowner will have in their hands a quick guide that they can refer to as they implement their upgrades, and plan for the future.


The proof is in the numbers, and the numbers are in everyone’s favor. Rebates, credits and incentives are everywhere, and people need to start taking advantage of them now.  Federal, State, Utility, even manufacturer rebates are available to nearly every homeowner in the state.  The savings a homeowner can realize within the first year of an audit are reason enough to justify the expense.  Anyone who is planning on making home energy improvements, upgrades, or even buying new appliances should first get a Home Energy Audit.






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