Fall is here,temperatures are dropping and your heating bills will be rolling in by the end of the month.  If you have not added insulation or weatherized your home, then you are in a great position for getting a Home Energy Audit..  Self diagnosing your heat loss is can be difficult and ineffective when it comes reducing your heat bills.  Do you bring your car into the shop and tell the mechanic exactly whats wrong and how to fix it?  Probably not.  We have seen homeowners spend lots of money on new windows, doors, etc. only to find that they are still feeling drafts and paying high bills.  It is unfortunate that many people pour their money into solutions which provide minimal return.  This is why ECOfficient Solutions Energy Auditors are experienced, well trained and can provide a ROI for every recommendation we prescribe using advanced computer software. 

The first step towards reigning in the utility bills is to have an advanced diagnosis of your home performance.  I have spoken with many energy conservation experts and the first thing they tell homeowners  interested in weatherization is to: "Get a Home Energy Audit" 

Please Schedule and Appointment to start saving money and invest wisely in weatherization.


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